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What not to do on the golf course

By Matthew Thompson

There are some unspoken rules on the golf course so we are here to make sure you don’t cause a stir and end up upsetting the players in your group. These are tips on what not to do on the golf course.

1) Being late to the tee: everyone hates waiting on other people but this is a simple fix that will have people in a good mood to start their round. If you know you have a 1:30pm tee time make sure to get to the course 30 minutes before. It takes time to get your bag on the cart, hit a few warm up balls and take a gander through the pro shop. It takes even more time if you are looking to get food or drink prior to your tee time. So plan accordingly and everyone in your group and the group behind you will be better for it.


2) Stepping in someone’s line of putt: A big no no on the golf course. Putting is hard enough without any added distractions/disruptions to your game. Always be aware of where everyone is on the putting green and walk around their line of putt. 

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3) Slow pace of play: You don’t need 10 practice swings to shank the ball off the tee. Keep up with the group ahead of you and continue your round. No one likes fast players or slow players. Too fast and you rush the group and then it is a hurry up and wait situation. Too slow and the group is begging to move up the course and you still are contemplating which club to hit off the tee. Find that balance and you will be more fun to play with.


4) Giving unwanted golf advice: golf is difficult already, you don’t need the single who joined your threesome to critique every shot you screw up. You know that your posture is incorrect and your stance is wrong but you don’t want to hear it from a stranger. Utilize your local PGA golf professional to work with you on your game at a designated time. Not the 6th tee box.


5) Not repairing your divots or ball marks: you are bound to have a shot that chunks or a ball that slams the green and bounces off. Especially those times but in most cases, you need to take the time to repair your divots and ball marks. This is especially the case if you are playing with  members of that particular golf course. They pay good money to be members so to show a good faith gesture would be to keep their course in good shape. This will allow for less maintenance costs in the future. You enjoyed a pristine course, the person behind you should as well. 


These are just a few of the things not to do on a golf course. There are certainly more so keep an eye and ear out for others but you will learn the more you play the game. If you are looking for opportunities to play in your city, check out the city tour. 


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