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When Should You Replace Your Golf Spikes?

By Nextgengolf

If a golf ball is scuffed during play, a golfer will replace it with a new one. Many golfers change the grips on their golf clubs after a few rounds. Golf gloves are replaced almost as frequently as a player changes their socks. All of these items are replaced when the golfer feels that changing them will improve his/her game. Why not change your spikes? Would you drive your car on bald tires?

A golfer's footing is the foundation for a solid golf swing. The two main points of contact to your equipment in the game of golf is gripping your club and a firm stance on the turf. If there is doubt in the footing, or worse, slippage, the swing will be altered and affect the flight of the ball. That’s why professionals and amateurs have been choosing CHAMP spikes for years.

For optimum performance, we recommend changing spikes every 12-15 rounds.  However, all CHAMP Spikes come with a patented "Visible Wear" Indicator which takes all the guess work out of knowing when to change your spikes.  When the “C” in the center of the spike turns solid, it’s time to change.

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 There is a spike out there for everyone. The type of course you play, the conditions you usually play in and your own individual swing can be a few of the determining factors to what type of spike you should wear. CHAMP makes spikes to fit all shoes on the market today.

The latest spike technology from CHAMP is our new SLIM-Lok fastening system. An advanced revolutionary fastening system that is incredibly thin and light. It incorporates a patented built in locking ring providing the best low profile spike retention in the industry. SLIM-Lok System spikes will fit all TRI-LOK® and Fast Twist® System equipped shoes. That’s technology made simple by the global spike experts, CHAMP.

Members of the Nextgengolf community can save on CHAMP spikes and grips on the golf equipment deals page. And for more information on CHAMP spikes visit champspikes.com.

** Jessica Georgenes is the Marketing Manager and Tour & Trade show Coordinator for CHAMP Golf.

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