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Which Srixon Golf Ball Should I Play?

By Connor Brown

One of the perks that comes with participating in a Nextgengolf tournament (including NCCGA and City Tour) is every player receives a sleeve of Srixon Z-STAR golf balls. However, one of the common questions we receive is "Which type of golf ball should I pick?"

The age old question with golf balls is do they really make a difference in how you play on the course? Simply put, yes. The natural question then is, well, why do they make a difference?

Let’s take a look at why each one might be right for your game:

Option #1: Srixon Z-STAR

Srixon Z-STAR golf ballsThe new 2017 Z-STAR golf ball is something Srixon has been working hard at to achieve a softer feeling, while maintaining tour level performance in a 3-piece ball. With the new energetic gradient growth core, the Z-STAR offers a compression level at 88. This is reduced from 90 in the previous generation.

The Z-STAR offers the most amount of greenside spin out of any Srixon golf ball out. The addition of all new Spin-Skin technology, in its third edition, offers fewer points where the cover bonds, offering more surface area contact for more spin.

The softer compression ball offers maximum feel while maintaining exceptional distance off the tee!

Option #2: Srixon Z-STAR XV

The Z-STAR XV has become increasingly popular with higher swing speeds, especially those looking for more distance off the tee. With it’s dual core and 4-piece overall construction, the XV offers firmer compression with a 105 rating.

With category leading distance, the XV offers a higher launch and lower spin than any ball in its same category. In addition, the XV also leads in ball speed when compared to its competitors. The XV will offer your game greenside spin as well with it’s inclusion of Spin-Skin.

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No matter what ball you choose at your upcoming tournament, know that Nextgengolf and Srixon are here to support all club golfers with the knowledge and product to help take their game to the next level.

**If you have specific questions on what equipment might be good for your game, email me at connor@nccga.org, or reach me on Twitter @Connor_Brown93.

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