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Key Features of the 18Birdies Golf App

By Matt Weinberger

If you read our golf apps you will actually use article, the 18Birdies app was featured as one of the newest must-haves on your iPhone or Android.  Launching this past January, 18Birdies boasts three great features that will help you improve your game as well as introduce some fun competition with your friends.

As a supporter of Nextgengolf and this summer's City Tour Championship, we wanted to highlight a few of the best features 18Birdies offers.

Check Out the 18 Birdies App

18_Birdies_GPS.pngTournament Scoring

The tournament-scoring feature allows you to set up your own tournament right within the app, making it perfect for buddies trips or group outings.  The feature also includes a live leaderboard that is updated in real-time as scores are entered and can be viewed and shared.


One of the best features is the GPS+, which is fully integrated with Google Maps giving a bird's-eye view of the course. Every course in the US is mapped, making it really easy to find accurate yardages for your drives and approach shots. 

Side Game Tracking

Play many side games with friends?  In addition to keeping traditional scoring during a round, you can also quickly set up rounds to keep track of side game bets such as Skins, Nassau and Vegas and view the status of these games in real-time.  

18Birdies has been very involved with the City Tour in the Bay Area, having a team represented at all of the tournaments. Players have been using and enjoying the 18Birdies app all summer and encourage you to do the same! Check out the 18Birdies app, and look for them at the 2016 City Tour Championship this September in Atlantic City!

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