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6 of the worst golf hats of all time

By Kris Hart

We went to the depths of Ebay to search for some of the worst golf hats of all time. The funny thing about this is that I bet some people buy some of the hats below to go with a vintage look on the course. Here are the worst looking golf hats we could find. 

TaylorMade Firesole Suede – Remember the days of the burner bubble shafts from TaylorMade? This hat is an old classic. Just make sure not to wear it in the rain and ruin the suede brim.

The infamous USGA Member Hat – Everyone in golf knows how not excited we get for the USGA annual member hat and get a kick out of anyone who wears the hat on the course. I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen USGA member hats at a thrift store. If you are looking for a vintage membership hat, check out this gem. The hat flairs out with wings like the eagle in the logo.

Worst golf hats Top Flite

Top Flight Gambler – Nothing says you are a great golfer like repping a TopFlight golf hat which has the thick front brim and the 4 aces on the brim. This might be a good option for your next Vegas golf trip.

Need a New Golf Hat? Check out Imperial who has an amazing selection of the  best golf hats available. Use code “nextgen19” to get 20% off any hat.The seabiscuit golf hat - I did not know that golfers can get distracted by other players on the course like horses running a race. I guess this golf hat will help you block the sun and vision of other golfers on the course.

Worst golf hats Strata

Strata Special Edition Planet Visor – If you are a visor guy, this is certainly the cap you will need. This special edition visor even has the little moon swirl on the front. You can see the sweat stains in this visor so may want to give it a quick wash before you wear it.

Old Old Course Hat – If you are lucky enough to play golf at the Old Course at St. Andrews, getting a souvenir is important. If you want to see one of the hats that did not sell in the shop, look at this old cloth hat with the camel colored velvet brim.

If you are looking for a new golf hat, you should check out our article about the top 5 hats you can get from the number one place to get golf hats, Imperial!

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