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Top 5 Custom Golf Hats from Imperial

By Matt Weinberger

Imperial Headwear makes some of the best hats around. You might own some of them, as they are found in stores and pro shops across the country, and were given out at the 2016 NCCGA National Championship to all the students in attendance.

One of the great things Imperial provides is options. So many hat styles, it can be tough to choose. Here is our take on the top 5 styles available to all Nextgengolf members.

5) Custom golf course hatsseaview_imperial_custom_golf_hat.jpg

There’s not much better than repping your favorite golf course proudly (ok, there’s 4 types of hats we claim as better, but you know what I mean). One of our favorites is a new hat we picked up from Seaview Golf Resort in Atlantic City, host of the 2016 City Tour Championship.


4) Old school hats

Sometimes vintage hats are just the trendiest.  The rope plays.

3) Bucket hats

Who doesn’t enjoy a good bucket hat?  If you’re going to wear one on the course, you better have a great game!

glade_springs_imperial_hats-809178-edited.png2) Visors

An always-popular summer hat choice, this Glade Springs visor shows off the Spring 2016 NCCGA National Championship course with style.

1) Custom Team Hatsimage03-1.png

Ok, we may be a bit biased here, but custom NCCGA team hats just look the best.  Teams from across the country are getting custom Imperial hats of all different styles and colors. Here's a hat from the DePaul club golf team. Love it!

If you or your team is interested in purchasing custom golf hats from Imperial, contact Matt Weinberger ( to learn more about hat styles and exclusive member pricing.>>Order Custom Golf Hats>>What do you think is the best hat style?  Share your favorites on Twitter (@NCCGA and @ImperialHats) to be entered to WIN an Imperial Tailgate hat of your choice!

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