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The benefits of being a club president

By Chelsea Sedlar


The most common questions we get from students interested in starting a club golf club is: What is it like to be a club president and are there any benefits? There are a plethora of different ways we could answer this question because of the many different experiences that can come from being a leader on campus. That’s what makes being a club golf president so great! Although all presidents have unique experiences, we thought we'd list three of the core benefits of being the president of your club golf team.  

  1. Developing yourself personally and professionally. Being a club president shows that you’ve taken the initiative to be a leader. Managing an executive board shows your ability to delegate work, showcases time management skills, and eases some of your responsibilities. The experience you will get working with various parties such as other students, campus faculty, and the NCCGA shows your ability to work with a variety of people and be successful. Former president of the Depaul Club Golf Team and current NCCGA Commissioner, Matt Weinberger, used his experience as a club president to get a job after graduation, "When I interviewed for a P&G engineering internship I was only asked about why I did that and what it was like leading a team. My resume helped get me in the door but my leadership experience from being a Club President was essential in demonstrating qualities needed to be a successful professional.”

Want to be a club president? Email Team@nccga.org 

  1. Networking and relationship building. One of the main responsibilities of a club president is recruiting. You will have the opportunity to meet students in each grade and make connections with people you never would have met outside of club golf. You will have the opportunity to play with people who might not be the best golfers, but are people who could end up being lifelong friends. If your team is an official sport club, you will most likely have a club adviser to work with. If you develop a good relationship with your adviser, you may be able to use them as a reference pot grad for interviews, graduate school, etc. Lastly, you will get to know people through the NCCGA. Tournaments bring together students from different universities that all share a common interest. Our National Championship and Invitational bring students together from around the country. The president of the St. Bonaventure club golf team, located in NY, recently said: “I’m still friends with the Regional Coordinator from Oklahoma State. We text about club golf pretty often. It’s pretty awesome when you can develop a friendship with someone who lives over a thousand miles away.”


  1. Golfing opportunities. If you want to be the president of a club golf team, you most likely love the game of golf. Being a club president will give you more opportunity to play, access to cheaper golf, and access to nicer courses. If your club team plays well in the regional events, you will have the chance to take a trip across the country to play some awesome golf courses. Past Nationals locations include Piaute in Vegas, Disney in Florida, Purdue in Indiana, and Hilton Head, SC this upcoming Fall. NCCGA Manager, Connor Brown, talked about his time as club president at Plymouth State. “When my club golf team went to tournaments, that was the most rewarding aspect of being a part of the NCCGA. Having the team out there competing and being in a tournament atmosphere was the most fun part of club golf, especially when you played well!”

When it comes down to it, a lot of work will have to go into running an organized club, but the benefits are well worth it. With hard work comes great experiences that will help you in the future. You will make connections on a personal and professional level, that will last a lifetime and you will get to play a ton of golf! If you are interested in becoming an NCCGA Club President email Team@nccga.org to get started. 

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