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Indoor Golf: Best Options in Cincinnati

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Winter weather in Cincinnati can be a major obstacle when trying to stay on top of your golf game year-round.  By the time December rolls around, the cold weather makes getting in 9 or 18 holes almost impossible until March.  Luckily, there are options for keeping sharp and even having fun during the cold offseason.

Since 2016 Cincinnati has seen great improvements in the tri-state for indoor golf, seeing the opening of two brand new golfing opportunities in West Chester.  

Swing 365 indoor golf facilitySwing 365

Opening in January 2017, Swing 365 offers indoor golf HD simulators, leagues, lessons, and the opportunity to “golf” on some of the top courses across the country.  Not to mention you can eat and drink while doing so, providing a fun environment to keep your game sharp and enjoy a day or night out with friends and family.


Topgolf has been a huge hit across the country for years.  In the summer of 2016, the Topgolf facility just off I-75 opened giving people in the Tri-State a chance play in leagues, hit on one of the 100+ bays on three floors, and watch their favorites games on the over 200 HD TVs. Although the bays are outdoors, each one has a personal heater and you can always go inside to the bar or to play games.

Looking for summer golf tournaments?

Beyond these two new state-of-the-art facilities, many local ranges offer heated bays to fight the sub-freezing weather.

Regardless of whether you are on the west or east side, there are many heated ranges that allow the golf nuts a chance to get ready for the spring! And if you're looking for Cincinnati golf tournaments, the Nextgengolf City Tour starts in May, so get those swings back into shape.

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