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The holiday golf gift guide: What not to buy

By Connor Brown


We’ve all been in a scenario when the holidays come around and someone in your family knows you play golf. The holidays are a golfer's dream as unwrapping a brand new club is among the greatest gifts you can get. On the flipside however, there always seems to be those golf gifts that, well, aren’t that great. We've listed out the worst holiday golf gifts below. Have you received a bad golf gift we didn't mention? Show them off on social!

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1.) The Product Pack

Also known as the club brush, divot tool, club accessory extravaganza 4-1 pack. This is known by every golfer as the set that litters the end displays at golf shops for people who know nothing about the sport to buy for their family members that swing the sticks.  Good luck getting to these useless tools as they are covered by crappy plastic packaging that's seemingly impossible to open (which is probably for the best).

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2.) The Golf Ball Display Case

Judging from the title of this gift, you’ve probably seen this at your local golf course with logo’d golf balls from Pebble Beach to Augusta. So why is this a bad gift?  Well, if you're already a crazy golf ball collector you already have one of these, and if you're not, then you'll probably now just have a display case collecting dust. 

holiday gift guide logo balls.png

3) Anything With a Licensed Logo on it

This one is pretty obvious as the quality of licensed products aren't neccessarily helping your game. In fact, the average licensed golf balls would probably fall below our list of the worst golf balls of all time. A good gift in theory, but these items just won't stack up to what's already in your bag. You'll most likely always forget to bring any of these items out on the coure with you and end up throwing them away when discover them years later when you move apartments. 


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4) The Score Clicker

Before buying this device, first think to yourself: "Am I buying this for my dad or a little league umpire?"  The clicker that resembles a pitch counter from baseball has a similar "benefit" in golf, helping you count your strokes. If that isn't good enough, the sex-appeal of this bad boy clipped to a belt might sell you. In all seriousness, if you care for your loved one don't emabarrass them with this gift. 

holiday golf gift guide ballzee.png

5) The Ballzee... or any contraption of the like 

Every year there are a few other [useless] "hot" items being sold... let's use Ballzee as an example.

Having clean golf balls at all times without messing up your khakis? Trust me when I say this, the wait until the next tee to throw the ball in the ball wash and wash with the gross green hanging towel is much better than this accessory.

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