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The 6 Worst Golf Balls Ever Made

By Connor Brown


We threw around a few potential titles for this blog: "The 6 balls you wouldn't bother picking up in the woods", "Top golf balls you'd find in a hacker's bag", "Six balls your dad probably uses" ... but ultimately we decided it's best summed up as "The 6 worst golf balls ever made" or at least in mainstream golf.  Did we miss any? Tweet at us @Nextgolfer.

pinnacle gold.png

1. Pinnacle Gold

The ultimate fisherman's golf ball. When you see the telescopic rod come out near the par 3 over water, you know what golf ball is being scooped out of there: Pinnacle Gold. Enjoyed by weekend warriors, this is certainly not the ideal catch when fishing the hazards. 


2. Callaway Warbird

Everyone knows the familiar mustard color yellow “V” that signified a Warbird. This bird was supposed to help gain some extra yards off the tee but probably lived most of it’s life in hazards, never quite soaring to many par 5s in two.

top flite.png

3. TopFlite XL 2000-3000

The TopFlite XL series has dominated Dad’s stockings at Christmas for the last two decades. You can still find one of these in nature today, likely covered in pond scum dating back to when John Daly won the PGA. If it looks like a rock and feels like a rock, it must be a RockFlite. 

slazenger ball.png

4. Slazenger Raw Distance

You know that one buddy that played baseball growing up, has a huge slice but catches 1-2 drives a round that are just demolished? Yeah, they are using this golf ball for the sole purpose to out-drive everyone once in a blue moon.


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nike mojo golf ball.png

5. Nike Mojo

Found in hazards and cargo shorts everywhere, the Mojo is the ultimate 24 pack golf ball. Much like trying to switch up the side you shoot from in beer pong, switching to a Mojo ball mid-round most likely had the same effect: ending with a shot in the water.

nike mojo golf ball (1).png

6. Precept Laddie

The worst point of a round with a low stash of golf balls is the deflated feeling of stumbling upon a Precept Laddie hidden beneath the grass clippings at your local muni. This is the ball you get as part of the youth sports scramble you played in every summer.


Honorable mentions:

Noodle: long and soft 
WIlson Ultra

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