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Top 3 Ways to Have a Productive Driving Range Session

By Matt Weinberger


Heading to the driving range to work on your golf game? Practice makes perfect, but you want to make sure your session at the range is productive. It can be tempting to simply swing away with the driver and call it good, but you might find your game isn't improving when you step on the actual course.

Here's my top three ways to ensure your session is productive.

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1) Musicbose soundsport wireless headphones.png

There’s nothing better than feeling isolated on the range with just you and a
bucket of balls. I recently started using Bose SoundSport
 wireless headphones, which are great to avoid distractions, and I finally got rid of the annoying wired headphones that would disrupt my swing.

2) Use All “14”

Ever spend a range session hitting each club in the bag and practicing every possible shot with that club that you may encounter on the course? Every once in a while I will start with a wedge and work my way up to a driver and practice everything. Although it takes time, it’s a great way to feel confident going into a round with friends or a tournament.

3) Instructor

Sometimes you just need someone else watching your swing to identify what’s going wrong. It’s amazing that 99% of the time it’s a small adjustment during a lesson that flips a switch to make you play your best. Interested in lessons near you? Find your nearest Golf Channel Academy Coach.

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