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10 Twitter Accounts Every Golfer Should Follow

By Erik Laaksonen LinkedIn

It's a great time to be a golfer on Twitter. There exists a wide array of hillarious and insightful golf Twitter accounts that you should be following (if you aren't already). Here's 10 of the best and the ones I recommend (in no particular order).

No Laying Up (@NoLayingUp)

The guys at No Laying Up have built one of the most successful, humorous, and accredited Golf accounts out there. Whether it’s their latest “Tour Sauce” moment or #PrayForTedScott (Bubba Watson’s caddie) they produce a level of golf humor and sarcasm compared to no other account out there.

Skratch (@Skratch)

Skratch TV was created by the PGA Tour to appeal to the millennial golfer. The bio on their Twitter account is “It’s just golf, try not to take it so seriously,” and they live by this. Everything from a sarcastic GIF to highlights from the current tournament going on, Skratch TV has successfully made a name for itself in the millennial golf world.

Secret Tour Pro (@secrettourpro)

This account is a mystery to all.  The man behind it is a current touring professional but has managed to keep his identity a secret the whole time. He enjoys giving true insight from the mind of a touring professional and often times doesn’t filter his thoughts either.  The best part about this account? Continuously trying to guess who the Secret Tour Pro is.

LinksGems Golf Photos (@LinksGems)

Offering some of the most exclusive and visually stunning looks into the most prestigious golf courses across the country, LinksGems does a fantastic job in catologuing courses many will never get to set their own eyes on. If you are sitting daydreaming about golf courses at your office desk, start with Links to set you in a great golfing mood. 

jason sobel golf twitter.pngJason Sobel (@JasonSobelESPN)

Jason Sobel works for ESPN and perfectly mixes his coverage of the sport with an imaginative commentary. His content covers different golf news and more times than not is written in the context you would find in a conversation between two buddies, not an ESPN writer.  

Jonathan Wall (@jonathanrwall)

Golf equipment is such a highly talked about tour topic and nobody covers equipment like Jonathan Wall. Week in and week out, the best players on tour are tinkering with shafts, lead tape or conversely have Henrik Stenson or Scotty Scheffeler holding on to their 10 year old 3-woods. If you want to learn more about tour equipment, Jonathan is a must follow.

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Nextgengolf (@nextgolfer)

Nextgengolf brings you the most up to date news and updates on everything in the world of millennial golf, including City Tour and NCCGA content. If you're only following accounts related to professional golf, you're missing a whole other side to the game. Nextgengolf will keep you in the loop.

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Max Homa (@maxhoma23)

Not that I want to get my own swing roasted on twitter but if you do, Max Homa is your guy. Max is always taking on different topics to discuss, does a lot of Q&As with followers and engages in general sports talk. Max is a must follow for guys on tour.

Eamon Lynch (@eamonlynch)

Hot takes you wanted? Well, Eamon never stirs away from offering his commentary on issues within golf or the current topic of the week. The humor and sarcasm Eamon uses in his twitter is both refreshing and good for a laugh every time you see him tweet. 

Shane Bacon (@shanebacon)

Shane has bounced around in many different positions in golf media but has consitently been one of the most influential voices in golf of recent. Between his bid for the US Open, stories about his caddie days in St. Andrews or tour coverage through Golf Channel, Shane brings an amazing viewpoint to golf coverage. 

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