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10 signs of a bad golfer

By Kris Hart

For those of you new to golf or avid players that might be living under a rock, below are 10 signs of a bad golfer. Please note that these are just our opinions and someone who is a great golfer could fall into one of these categories. Just look at sign #10: A PGA Tour player follows this habit and he is an awesome golfer.
#1 - Towel clipped on to the belt – Towels are meant to be on your bag, not your belt

#2 - Iron covers - No commentary needed. Head-covers are for woods and putters only

Image courtesy of Golf Tee Store

#3 - Washing your ball in the ball washer every hole – It’s good to wash your ball, but wetting your towel at the beginning of the round will do wonders!

#4 - Wearing jeans on the course – Although wearing jeans on the course can be comfy, there is a time
and a place to dress casually. I do think jeans should be allowed in the clubhouse.

#5 - Wearing the hat with the flap in the back – Don’t get me wrong, sun protection is very important,
but hats like this are meant for a hike in the grand canyon, not on the golf course.

Flap hat and golfer in jeans

#6 - The untucked shirt- If you can’t commit the energy to tuck in your shirt at the golf course, you
certainly cannot commit the time and effort needed to play a great round of golf.

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#7 - Using the chipper wedge – Anyone who watches golf channel at 2am will know this club.

#8 - Cargo shorts on the course - Do you really need two extra-large pockets to carry a dozen balls in
your shorts while on the course?
Chipper wedge and cargo shorts

#9 - The ball retriever in the bag – This should probably be #1. If you are the person with the extra-long
ball retriever in the bag, you have clearly told the entire course that you are not a great golfer.

#10 – Wearing two gloves – Famously, Tommy “Two-Gloves” Gainey competes on the PGA Tour
wearing two gloves. For the average golfer, wearing two glove anything other than rain gloves during a
downpour is unacceptable.
Ball retriever and 2 gloves

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