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4 reasons why Under Armour sunglasses are the best in golf

By Oliver Mauk

Under Armour eyewear is the newest sponsor of Nextgengolf and the NCCGA. They bring high quality sports sunglasses to our equipment offerings for the first time, giving all of our players the opportunity to play in style. Here are four reasons why you should order a pair today! 

1. Under Armour golf sunglasses come in 19 different designs - Whether you are a fan of flack jackets, aviators or anything in between, Under Armour has the right style for you. Some models come with Polarized lenses and others do not, so make sure to note that when purchasing. 

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2. The performance is unmatched -- No longer do you have to worry if the golf ball will come in and out of the frame during your swing. You can also trust that the lenses don't refract your vision, helping you swing with full confidence even on the sunniest of days. I used to refuse to play golf with sunglasses on because I felt uncomfortable over the ball. With increased vision and better fitting lenses, Under Armour's Tuned Golf models have totally changed that for me. 


3. The price is right - With the membership discount that City Tour and NCCGA players receive, these sunglasses are incredibly affordable. When compared to the price of Oakley or Ray Ban, you just can't beat the value. 

4. They are straight up stylish - You've never looked better on a golf course than with Under Armour shades. Gone are the days where glasses could either look great or perform well but not both. Every model pulls it off too, but my personal favorites are the Getaway and the Assist. 

Have questions about Under Armour Eyewear or want to place an order? Contact Matt Weinberger for more info. 

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