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5 golf charities you should donate to

By Oliver Mauk

When it comes to charitable giving, people want to make sure their money is being used in a positive way. Many charities are associated with golf but these 5 in particular really help out the golf community and impact people's lives. Here are the best golf charities you should consider donating to today! 

1. TGR Foundation - If education and helping kids is important to you, then this charity run by Tiger Woods might be the best fit for your donation. This non-profit organization helps empower underprivileged students through education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They also help these students think in teams and independently as well as assisting with access to colleges. 

Golf for veterans

(Image Credit: PGA Reach)

2. PGA Hope - A military based charity run by the PGA of America and its affiliates, PGA Hope strives to give care and important services to those who have selflessly served their country. The charity supports military personnel, veterans, severely injured heroes, and military families. PGA Hope introduces golf to Veterans with disabilities to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. All programs are funded by PGA REACH and supplemented by PGA Section Foundations, so the cost of programming is free to all Veterans.

3. Environmental Institute for Golf - If the long term survival of golf through sustainability is important to you, donate to the EIFG. They provide funding and other resources to support education, environmental programs, and research to help golf facilities become more sustainable and give golf a longer lifespan. They also make sure that golf courses manage their properties to support wildlife and the rest of the community around them. 


4. United States Disabled Golf Association - The USDGA hosts golf events and helps rank competitive golfers with disabilities all across the country. The USDGA founder Jason Faircloth has cerebral palsy so has an incredibly personal connection with his organization, which works to give all those with disabilities the chance to enjoy the game of golf. 

5. Youth on Course - Affordability of golf is a challenge which historically has been a problem for many boys and girls taking up the game of golf. Step in Youth on Course which provides a golf membership program to boys and girls which allows them to play golf for $5 of less per round. Talk about growing the game and breaking down a barrier preventing people from playing more golf! Beyond helping subsidize rounds of golf for junior golfers, Youth on Course helps provide college scholarships and training programs to help young people learn to work in the game. 

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