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5 Reasons Why Club Golf Teams Should Have a Golf Coach

By Kris Hart

One of the best parts about being a club golfer is that the students call the shots. It is a difficult job being a Club President, especially for those large golf clubs on campus like the University of Delaware which has over 125 players in the club! As a NCCGA Club President, I would encourage you to think about having a golf coach for your team this fall. Since some of the most successful teams in the NCCGA have golf coaches, I thought it would be worthwhile to highlight 5 reasons why your team should consider getting a coach.

1) Affordable lessons

A good golf coach can help you and your team get better. If your team has a good relationship with a local golf course, you should see if the assistant golf professional would be interested in becoming your coach. Younger golf professionals are always looking to help and build their resumes. Better yet, is there a Golf Channel Academy near your campus? The NCCGA has a great relationship with GCA and is happy to introduce you to Golf Channel trained local professionals and set up discounted lessons.

2) Local fundraising help

Since golf professionals have deep rots into the local community, they may be able to help you and your team with local fundraising and introductions to potential donors.Find a Coach Near You

3) Increased school funding

Teams that have coaches can get significantly more funding from their college versus teams that do not have a golf coach. Colleges often feel more comfortable if there is an adult monitoring the team and school funds would be allocated appropriately.

4) Cheaper golf

If your team has a golf coach, this professional may be able to help your team out with discounted greens fees, memberships, and possible free rounds at other local facilities in the area. We know some NCCGA coaches have relationships at exclusive private golf clubs and often take the club golf team out to play these courses during the semester.

5) Coaches are fun

I saved this one for last since having a good coach varies from school to school. Since we communicate with all the coaches in the country, I can confirm we have met some characters over the years! A number of NCCGA schools have former club golfers that live in the area coaching their teams. Having a 24 year old guy living in his old club golf glory days would be fun to have around. Since you and your team can choose if you want to have a coach or not, you can be selective to find a fun coach to help motivate your team and further enjoy the experience.

Are you convinced? I think the pros of having a golf coach for your team really outweigh the cons. Lastly, I just wanted to say thanks to all the coaches reading this. Most of you are volunteers and your hard work does not go overlooked by the NCCGA! Any good coaching stories? Share them with us on Nextgengolf Linkedin page.

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