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Chao Gains Trust and Consistency with Cleveland Golf Wedges

By Connor Brown

Launched in 2016, Nextgengolf’s Srixon and Cleveland Golf Ambassador Program is designed to help celebrate our relationship with one of the top golf brands in the country.

We want to know where you’re at in your #journeytobetter and how Srixon and Cleveland Golf products have helped elevate your game to the next level. One of the new ambassadors in 2017 is Chris Chao, the Club President of the Plymouth State club golf team and member of the Boston City Tour

FullSizeRender.jpgBeing an ambassador to one of the premiere companies in golf is something Chao is looking forward to this year. As a participant in the NCCGA and City Tour, Chao currently plays both competitive tours presented by Nextgengolf. Having equipment that withstands the demands of the season is why Chao is trusting his new RTX-3 wedges from Cleveland Golf.

What's so special about these wedges anyhow?

When Cleveland Golf came out with the RTX-3, they were aiming to change how the wedge not only interacts with the turf but create consistent spinning shots for better shot dispersion and more consistency. With Feel Balancing Technology, Cleveland Golf was able to create a micro-cavity behind the center of gravity in the face, promoting a consistent ball flight across the clubface.Learn More About the Ambassador Program

In addition, the hosel was decreased 9 grams in weight and distributed to the head. Not only improving feel, this advancement was able to create more consistent shots, even more consistent than the RTX 2.0 and the Titleist SM6.

wedges.jpgChao, a first time Srixon/Cleveland Golf ambassador, is excited about being able to represent the brand.

“I choose the RTX-3 wedges because when I think of wedges, Cleveland is at the top of my mind. You can’t beat the look of new RTX-3. I already feel more confident and ready to own 125 and in.”

Chao says that consistency and trust with his wedges are key, something he found in the RTX-3 wedges.

“One of my goals this season is to get up and down more within 100 yards; I believe the new wedges will help immensely with that goal.”

You’ll see Chao pulling off amazing trick shots with his new Cleveland Golf wedges, and getting up and down from everywhere this season! Follow Chris and the rest of the ambassadors on the Nextgengolf social media accounts (Twitter - @nextgolfer; Instagram - @nextgengolfclub).

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