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Dell Technologies Championship: Labor Day in Boston

By Kris Hart

Whether or not you are a golfer, attending a PGA Tour golf tournament is a must do for everyone. With so many options on Labor Day, I thought I would highlight why going to the Dell Technologies Championship at TPC Boston this September is a great idea for any family looking for a fun and different activity.

1) Kids are free – Any kids under the age of 15 get free access to the Championship. What other professional sporting event allows kids to come for free? Whether you have 1 child or a family of 12, you are able to walk around the grounds and see the best golfers in the world for free as long as you are with at least one paying adult. Ground tickets for adults early in the week go for as low as $35. The Dell Technologies Championship is an affordable family experience. 

2) Golf is a great sport for kids– With more and more research about the negative consequences of contact sports like football, golf is a great alternative sport for young boys and girls to play. If you are a parent who does not play the game, bringing your son or daughter their first PGA Tour event might be the inspiration to get them into the game. The Dell Technologies Championship brings the top 100 Players in the FedExCup ranking to Boston, ensuring your child will see some amazing golf! is guaranteed!

Dell Technologies Championship Boston

3) Flexibility and open seating – The great thing about golf tournaments is that the players come into town on Monday and stay for an entire week. Depending on your family’s schedule, you can go to the tournament in the morning or afternoon and attend any day of the week between August 30th -September 3rd. If the Dell Technologies Championship is your first PGA Tour event, the good news is that seating is first come first serve. Many spectators walk the course for the day and get exercise, but others will just stay seated on the 18 th hole all day and watch groups finishing up their rounds. If your family enjoys golf, you can be there dusk til dawn, but if you have a little one who wants to go home early, you can spend an hour at the course and still have a great experience at a reasonable cost.

Don’t miss out on the 2018 Dell Technologies Championship. The PGA Tour recently announced their new schedule and this tournament will not be coming back to Boston in 2019. If you miss the event this year, you will need to wait until 2020 to see the best golfers in the world!

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