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Millennial golf apparel - 5 reasons why Haus of Grey is one of the best

By Kris Hart


If you are part of the Nextgengolf community you may not be familiar with the name Haus of Grey. Big brands in golf such as Nike, Under Armour, and Travis Matthew are common in golf apparel, but did you know there are hundreds of golf apparel companies? Even though Haus of Grey may not be a household name to the common golfer, I am going to explain why Haus is the new official apparel partner for Nextgengolf and one of the best millennial golf apparel brands out there.

Design & style – Haus of Grey products are designed for the modern golfer in mind. Most golf apparel companies appeal to the overweight 65 year old golfer whereas Haus of Grey products are designed to appeal to the athletic, young adult golfer. The Haus of Grey team comes out with different collections on an annual basis which appeal to the latest style trends. I’m not known for my fashion personally, so do yourself a favor and check out the latest designs.

Team – Ever wonder about the team behind the products you buy? Haus of Grey was founded by Travis Johnson, a former NCAA All American golfer and professional golfer. He started the company since he felt golf fashion was not adequate. The Haus of Grey team is like a small family and treats customers like they are part of the family. I’ve been fortunate to get to know Travis over the years and his commitment to growing junior golf and young adult golf with our community is amazing. By the way, Travis was the founder of Travis Matthew which is pretty darn impressive! Haus of Grey is the next chapter in golf fashion.


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Quality – With the thousands of apparel companies out there, you never know what you are going to get. Don’t you hate when a new shirt shrinks or falls apart after only a few washes? The materials used as part of the Haus of Grey products are built to last and withstand the test of time.

Accessories – I find it funny sometimes when golf apparel companies who are in the polo, shorts and pants business try to become a “lifestyle brand” by making belts, hats, or other accessories. Haus of Grey is a bit different since their t- shirts, hats, and accessories are simple, awesome, and something you would actually want to wear!

Fair pricing – Millennial golf apparel can be expensive especially if you want to look good on the course! Haus of Grey charges a premium price for their apparel given the beauty and design which goes into every collection and piece. Fortunately if you are a registered member of the Nextgengolf community, you are able to save 45% on Haus of Grey golf apparel. Learn more about how to get registered with Haus of Grey and save.

Want to see Haus of Grey in action? Be on the lookout for your local Regional Coordinator and City Leader wearing Haus of Grey this season.

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