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Millennial golf experience: Myrtle Beach World Amateur

By Oliver Mauk

With 3,000 players, over a dozen courses, and a 19th hole celebration unlike any other, the Myrtle Beach World Am is the largest and most unique amateur golf tournament in the world. This year, a group of Nextgengolf players from Cincinnati headed down to enjoy the festivities. 

The group from Cincinnati included Nick Tenhundfeld, Ryan Denney, Tyler Regueyra, and Justin Paulinelli. They thoroughly enjoyed everything about the experience, and all said they would consider returning in future years. 

"Myrtle Beach is a buddies trip golf paradise," said Tenhundfeld. "The quality and variety of golf courses make it second to none, and we will certainly be back." 

Play Golf Myrtle Beach World Amatuer 19th hole

Even though many different age groups attend the World Am, it certainly caters to the millennials better then any other generation. Ryan Denney said "my favorite part of Myrtle was going out to the beach and to different restaurants, clubs, and bars at night." The city is filled with fantastic nightlife and tons to do when not playing golf, so it makes for a great place to spend a week with your friends. 

The experience at the World Am is different then most other amateur tournaments, but what really sets it apart is that the event lasts for an entire week. "The World Am was new for us as most of our golf trips have been shorter, so it was awesome to take an entire week away from work and do nothing but focus on playing golf and hanging out with your buddies," said Tenhundfeld. 

Play Golf Myrtle Beach World Amatuer driving range

These and many more reasons show why the World Am in Myrtle Beach is one of the best golf trips you can take, and the Cincinnati guys boiled it down to one sentence: "The World Am tops all other golf trips because of the quality of courses, fantastic competition for all skill levels, and the overall value of the event." 

Interested in learning more about the World Am? Click HERE for more information. 

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