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Mizzou Utilizies Custom Golf Rain Gear as ProQuip Ambassadors

By Nextgengolf

Mizzou Club Golf cannot put into words how fortunate they are to be selected as Brand Ambassadors for ProQuip Golf. We had been talking about getting team jackets before, but never would have been able to afford such high quality jackets like these. The way it all came about was luck really…We rarely check our club email account due to the fact that our personal contact information is all over websites. But w just happened to come across the email from Nextgengolf presenting the opportunity to serve as ambassadors. No hesitation, we said yes and it was the best decision we ever made.

Get Your Own Rain Gear

We sent in our logo to ProQuip and were interested to see how it would look on the jackets. Needless to say, our expectations were exceeded and we could not have been more excited. Maybe the only downside is when they arrived, the weather in Missouri was surprisingly beautiful so we had to wait to use them.

Come our second regional at Wolf Hollow Golf Course in Washington, Missouri, the jackets were needed. The second day had some on and off rain, and a constant wind. The Mizzou Club Golf ProQuip Jackets made their first appearances and worked like a charm. You could say they are what helped us qualify for Nationals, because we were trailing Saint Louis University by a few shots and had the right apparel to get us the first place finish.

mizzou_proquip_2-630313-edited.jpgMoving onto Nationals in West Virginia, we all know about the first day weather. An incredible course that we are thankful to have played, but it came with a long fog delay, wind, sprinkling rain. You name it, it was all there at Glade Springs and we didn't have to worry about a single thing. What these ProQuip jackets bring to the table is second to none. They are a comfortable weight, extremely waterproof and windproof, all while keeping us at a relaxed temperature. Not to mention they have a little style coming with them.

These jackets do all you can ask and more and we cannot reiterate how thankful we are to be able to represent this company at our club golf tournaments. The best part is that we will be able to represent Mizzou Club Golf for years to come with this great company.

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