Adapting to a new generation of golfers

Nextgengolf announces it’s newest partner: Rocket Tour Golf

By Oliver Mauk

Since 2004, Rocket Tour Golf has been designing knit covers with custom colors and logos for avid, competitive golfers.  Starting in 2018, Rocket Tour Golf will become the official head cover sponsor of Nextgengolf.

Founder and designer Helena Stanton has partnered with professional golfers, leading manufacturers, over 200 top collegiate golf programs, the AJGA, and more to offer players the opportunity to elevate their golf experience through style.  Helena and her team are excited to work with the next generation of golfers:

“Partnering with Nextgengolf is an important addition to Rocket Tour’s efforts to reach the next generation of golfers.  Making golf fun, exciting, and stylish for this group is key for the growth of the game. Nextgengolf is the clear leader in this effort."

Rocket Tour logo headcover

NCCGA collegiate club teams, high school teams, and City Tour teams will all have access to the exclusive team pricing program, making it easy for teams to purchase custom headcovers and represent their squad on the course.

Starting in the Fall 2018 NCCGA season, medalists at each tournament will receive a trophy as well as a custom NCCGA knit head cover.  "We are always looking to improve the tournament experience for our players and Rocket Tour headcovers will do just that," said Matt Weinberger, NCCGA Commissioner.  Rocket Tour headcovers will now be spotted at Nextgengolf tournaments throughout the year. 

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