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By Chelsea Sedlar

One of the most notable changes in the golf industry over the past decade has been increased access to technology. With technology readily available, there is an increased use of training aids, range finders, indoor putting greens, launch monitors. Recreational golfers have more tools at their disposal than ever before, but sometimes it is difficult finding one that will be most beneficial to your game. This article will highlight a relatively newer brand called Rapsodo and how they have developed a following through ambassadors in local communities to understand and improve a golfer's game through a mobile launch monitor. 



Rapsodo, a partner of Nextgengolf, developed a Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) which brings this new wave of technology to golfers in a pocket sized package. Golfers have access to real time stats with professional accuracy. The MLM gives players accurate numbers on distance, speed, and launch angle just to name a few and does this using your mobile phone.  Their device is mostly used on the driving range, but the newest release includes the addition of indoor and net functionality which is perfect for spending more time indoors because of Covid-19 or the approaching winter weather.

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Since most of us see the PGA Tour players with Trackman and cannot afford the $25K price tag, Rapsodo and Nextgengolf thought the MLM needed to be shared and showcased in local communities to the average golfer. The Rapsodo Ambassador Program was launched in 2020 to showcase this amazing technology in local communities. There are over 25 ambassadors sharing the advantages and functionality of this tool. This program was very selective as finding the right golf ambassadors was important. 


One of those local ambassadors is Pascal Garneau from Québec, Canada. Pascal recently held an event to showcase the MLM to local golfers and interviewed one of Canada’s best players, Alex Clément. He is the #2 junior and #5 amateur golfer in the Province of Québec. Alex has only been using the Rapsodo MLM for 6 weeks but had nothing but positive feedback and has seen a positive trend in his statistics already. Here’s what Alex had to say about the Rapsodo MLM:

Rapsodo ambassadors like Pascal have really made an impact sharing this technology. The 2021 Rapsodo Ambassador program is expanding and launching soon. Learn more about becoming a Rapsodo ambassador here, or contact Matt Weinberger ( for more information.


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