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Worst Golf Course Reviews

By Matthew Thompson

Some golf courses are good, and others are great. However, many of the courses out there need some major improvements and players' experiences have been extremely negative. We dug into the web to find some of the Worst Golf Course Reviews. Enjoy reading some of these beauties! 

Brent H. from Charlotte, NC: "The only good thing I can say about this course is that the staff was very friendly. Now that I got that out of the way let's get to the rest of the review. The Golf Course is by far the worst course I have played in the Charlotte area. The fairways are mostly crabgrass with quite a few bare spots. They were hard packed clay in some areas and a muddy mess in others. If you like hitting off hard pan this is your place. You need a hammer to get your tee into the tee box. Every one of them were rock hard. They also resembled a poorly taken care of driving range. Very little grass to tee off from. The greens look diseased. Some are spongy and wet while others are bone dry. All look like they have fungus and each one putted at a different speed. This place was more attractive when it was a dump."

It looks like Brent may need to invest in some tools for the next time he plays that course...

Kyle F. from San Francisco, CA: "I've golfed nearly every course near San Francisco and this is easily the worst one, price considered as well. The conditions are mediocre at best they have no control over who is walking on the golf course. You may tee off and wonder if you just hit either a car or someone walking on nearly every cart path. They are understaffed so they can't tell people not to walk in front of your tee shot. There are homeless people living on hole 6/7 in tents. Save your money and just play anywhere else in the bay area."

Hey, if the rents are too high in San Francisco, move out to a golf course!

Russell T. from Augusta, GA: "By far the worst golf course conditions I have ever played on. I would call it a goat ranch, but a goat would starve from a lack of grass on this course. Worst part is I was required to pre-pay in advance for our whole party."

Goat's make good pets, right? Looking to play some great courses not on this list of worst golf course reviews? Check out the City Tour Schedule which hosts events at great public and private courses.

Don D. from Homosasso Springs, FL: "If you play here you can expect the following.... the worst fairways you have ever played on...better to call then sandways or weedways. Even with preferred lies they suck....grass does not grow...cows could not survive on this course!!! Greens are like Thomas' English Muffins....full of nooks and crannys and where there are no nooks or crannys there are just plain dead spots. You need no skill to putt these greens, just a lot of luck, because in 10 feet they change directions a dozen times and bounce in the air almost as much. It's sad that such a nice Arthur Hills' layout gone to pot. This course needs hundreds of thousands of dollars in restoration or like a horse with a broken leg it should be shot and put out of its misery!!"

Horrible golf fairways

David T. from Leominster, MA: "Just awful. The tees are dirt, the fairways had been mowed but the clippings were so thick and the grass so long that you got 0 roll. Lots of bare spots in the fairways and the greens were shaggy and sloooooooooow. Bees nests in every sand trap so we just left the ball and moved on. They could have and certainly should have warned us of the danger. The cups had not been changed in so long that they were no longer a clean cut and the grass around them was burnt. After all of that they have the nerve to charge $66.00 for 2 seniors on a weekday. What a joke."
Those are some of the worst Golf Course Reviews that we found, if we missed any, tweet at us at @nextgolfer
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