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Golf Club Insurance?

By Ben Tyler

We all have things of value to us that are important to protect. In some cases, golf clubs might be at the top of the list especially with the increasing cost of new toys each year. In the unfortunate circumstances that your golf clubs are stolen, damaged or lost in travel, you can now have the coverage necessary to take the stress out of the situation. Traverse Insurance, powered by Travelers, offers plans for you to protect the things you love from a cell phone to your golf clubs. I personally have never thought about golf club insurance, but having traveled with golf clubs numerous times, this seems like a no brainer.

With Traverse you don’t need to insure everything you own but can choose specific items and with their new app, it is easier than ever to get quotes, make claims or get insured. To get golf club insurance, all you have to do within the app is take a picture of the specific item you would like to insure, and from there you can get the quote and choose a plan that best fits your needs. The app handles all claims and chat support directly making it a one stop shop for everything. Traverse can deposit the money directly into your account, so if your claim is accepted, you can have the funds to get those new clubs ordered ASAP rather than waiting around for a check to arrive. 

For as little as $2 a month, you can give yourself the peace of mind that the things you love will be protected. Who knew golf club insurance would be so easy and affordable? With golf clubs, these opportunities can arise more frequently than you might think. So instead of having no club to throw out of anger when they are stolen out of your car, let Traverse help put one back in your hand. This service is only available in New York and Texas at the moment but will continue to expand so be sure to check out their website for more updates.

New York Golf Tournament

Traverse Insurance is a supporting partner of the Nextgengolf City Tour. Please say thank you to Traverse at your next City Tour event and be sure to sign-up early for the Traverse Insurance Open events in New York and Dallas this fall. 

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