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4 Best Golf Belts

By Connor Brown

Adding style to your wardrobe is not easily done. When I am looking to add a little bit of personality to my golf style without having to totally change the complete outfit, I look to my belt to make a statement. I’m not talking about a white belt or an Anthony Kim belt buckle, I am talking about a few companies that make the absolute best belts. Whether it is a logo’d belt from your favorite course or something that matches your personality, take a look at these 4 best golf belts to add to your belt loops this season. 

1) Peter Millar Golf Belts - Peter Millar is one of the most prestigious names in golf fashion. Week in and week out you see tour players wearing Peter and they do it with style. Whenever I am in a pro shop at a nice club, I always take a look at the Peter Millar line and dream about owning a lot of their stuff. I especially love the braided belt options from them. They add class, style and in minimalist fashion. 


2) Nexbelt - The Nexbelt line that I have seen in various clubs that I’ve visited are always eye-catching. What I love about the Nexbelts is the ratchet design for tightening and adjustability. Need to loosen the belt after a few at the 19th hole? Nexbelt has that capability and the styles to fit any occasion. 

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3) C4 Belts -This golf brand is very large in the equestrian market and does a lot of custom business for golf teams. C4 matches exceptional performing belts with the ability to create custom products to fit every golfers style and mood. C4 offers belts for all ages, genders and has great customer service based on reviews. C4 offers a vast selection of collegiate licensed belts as well for tailgates, game days and showing school pride on the course. 

Best golf belts smathers and branson

4) Smathers and Branson - When you think of needle-point belts, you think of Smathers and Branson. Smathers offers effortless style and ease into showing your support for your favorite college, sports team or lifestyle. I personally love the golf related belts which showcase course logos but can never take my eyes off the Kentucky Bourbon Trail belt either! 

If you are looking to add to your wardrobe this season, I hope this article helped you learn about some of the best golf belts on the market. Check out your local PGA Professional's shop and find a golf belt with your style and the course logo.

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