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The best custom golf bags you can order

By Matt Weinberger

I have helped hundreds of high school and college teams order custom golf bags over the past 5 years. We have worked with several partners to fulfill orders and no matter who I work with I receive the same questions. I thought it would be helpful for any coaches and club president's looking to order custom bags to learn more about what you should be looking for and questions to consider. With that said, here are the most important questions to ask yourself when planning your custom golf bags and insight on the best custom golf bags you can order.

1. How many bags do you need? Many companies require minimum orders of 12-24 bags to receive lower costs. Find a bag supplier that is clear and upfront with all costs such as base costs + shipping.

2. Do you want to use logos? One of the hidden costs involved with custom bags is often the logo set up or application. We have worked with our bag supplier to not charge any additional fees regardless if you want to use one logo or use all three logo locations.

3. What type of bag is important to you? It’s important to consider whether you want a lighter bag or a standard team bag. Both have their pro’s and con’s but I have found teams who are adamant that one is better than the other. We ahve found that standard team bags last longer than the lighter verisons with more thin material. 

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4. Can the bags be reused as team members graduate? Many teams use the same bags for years so not only do you want to have quality bags, you want to make sure they are customizable. It’s a nice touch to include your player’s names on the ball pocket, but if the bags are being used year over year, you should avoid getting player names on the bags. Some of the best custom golf bags allow for a detachable ball pocket so the names can be changed each season which is a nice option.

5. When do you need the bags? Turnaround time is a very important consideration. I know some name brands can be backordered and take 3-6 months (I know because my college teams bags took that long). Make sure you find a supplier that can meet your deadlines. Our partner, 1 with Golf, assembles the bags in California and promises delivery in 7-10 business days by the time they get the logos and approval. They definitly provide the quickest turnaround for any golf company who is offering custom golf bags. 

It’s been very rewarding hearing from those coaches and players thanking us for getting their team set up with custom bags. If you are interested in getting a free mock up or just want general pricing details send me an email at or be sure to check out our Custom Golf Bags page. 

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