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The Best Jerky Has Ties to Golf

By Kris Hart

Did you know your favorite jerky has deep ties to golf? In 2016, Nextgengolf added Chef’s Cut Real Jerky as a partner of our organization. The reviews were overwhelming and conclusive: The players loved it the new golf snack.

We are happy to announce a continued partnership in 2017 where Nextgengolf competitors will receive the Chefs’ Cut Real Snack Stix product at NCCGA and City Tour tournaments. Even though the best jerky company has an amazing product, watch this video about their story and how it all started on the golf course:

Share the Chef's Cut StoryChef’s Cut Founders Blair and Dennis are dedicated to supporting the next generation of golfers. Starting in 2017, Chef’s Cut will honor the last team that makes it into the national championship each season. This team will be designated as “A Cut Above” and receive recognition and awards from Chef’s Cut. Please say thanks to Dennis and Blair for their support by sharing their golf story!

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