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The best options for golf internships

By Kris Hart

If you are looking to work in the golf industry, internship experience is a significant advantage. The good news is that many golf companies hire interns during the fall, spring, and summer. Even if you are looking to work in marketing and sales as a career, having a golf operations internship with the PGA, AJGA or USGA can certainly benefit your career. Getting any internship experience, especially at a well-known golf company, can help you get a golf job since many of the largest companies in golf know one another and send talent to each other’s organizations. The below article highlights information about the different types of golf internships available.

Golf Operations Internship – Working in golf operations often means you are on the road running golf tournaments. Filling the water jugs, answering phone calls, handling player registration, figuring out where the bathroom goes, putting up fences, and calculating scores all are experiences you can have while working in tournament operations. Tournament operations boasts the largest amount of golf internships in the industry. Many golf operations internships are helpful if you are looking for a career in golf or starting your journey to become a PGA or LPGA Professional.  AJGA, USGA, PGA Sections, and State Golf Associations all hire golf operation interns. Between those organizations and smaller orgs like the Southeastern Junior Golf Tour, I’d say there are at least 400 golf operations internships available on an annual basis. 

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Golf Media Internship – If you are tech savy, enjoy stats, have an interest in design, or are a social media Rockstar, working in golf media might be the golf internship for you. Each year companies like Golf Channel, Golf Digest, and the PGA Tour hire media interns. These golf internships vary in size and scope since each organization has different needs. For example, Golf digest may be seeking a design intern whereas Golf Channel is looking for a post-production intern who can handle film. Since many golf media companies focus on the PGA Tour, researching players and telling great stories could be your internship role. Golf media is often changing so it is very likely that these types of internships are in demand.

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Sales and Marketing Golf Internship – If you are looking for a fast-paced internship with tangible goals, working in sales and marketing might be the place for you. The traditional sales internship exists at the PGA Tour. Each summer the Tour hires ticket sales interns at HQ and for local tournaments to call local businesses to purchase tickets to PGA Tour events. If you are not interested in hitting the phones and asking people to purchase tickets, this is not the job for you. Beyond ticket sales internships, companies like Nextgengolf hire sales and marketing interns every summer. These internships focus on running sales and marketing campaigns to build the brand nationally. It starts with research, building the campaign, and executing the marketing campaign before handing off a lead to the sales team. Getting sales and marketing experience can be transferable to any profession inside or outside of golf.

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