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What's on My Golf Playlist Before a Round

By Nextgengolf

There is something about listening to music before playing any sporting event that seems to get people pumped, focused, and ready to perform.

Music has always been the one constant ritual I do before the start of every single round of golf. It creates that disconnect from everything happening around me, takes away all distractions, clears your mind, and allows you to focus on your game. This year on the Nextgengolf City Tour we've had great music at check-in and on the first tee thanks to Bose and their SoundLink Mini speaker.

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My taste in music is very eclectic, so my golf playlist consists of a variety of genres. I like Country, EDM, Alternative, and Classic Rock. The type of music I listen to depends on the reason I'm playing golf that day: whether I am playing in a competitive tournament, just for fun with my buddies, or simply practicing.

I tend to listen to very chill music before tournaments, music that helps me relax. Coldplay’s music definitely has an almost sedative effect on me. It helps me totally relax, and allows me to clear my mind before playing.

Being relaxed before a tournament is important; you can’t be all jacked up in golf. You have to control your emotions, something that took me some time to learn, and music is a great way to get started in this process of controlling your mental state before a round of tournament golf.

If I am playing with my buddies on the weekend or in a fun event, like a scramble, I listen to more upbeat music. I listen to Florida Georgia Line, Cole Swindle, the Nation’s top 40. I really don’t overthink what I am listening to if it is just a weekend round for fun.

What music do you listen to on the first tee to help you prepare for your upcoming round?

**Matt Jonah is the South Florida City Leader for Nextgengolf.

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