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4 reasons the new Srixon clubs deliver top performance

By Oliver Mauk

For most of my life, I've been a TaylorMade guy. I used to love their drivers and woods and had a set of the Rocketbladez irons for about 5 years in high school and college. When I started working for Nextgengolf, it was good timing as my clubs were old and worn and it was time for a new set. 

I was hesitant at first to stitch away from what was comfortable to me, but when I met with a Srixon club fitter at my local course on a demo day I immediately fell in love with the brand and the clubs. Here is why I love the Srixon clubs and the brand in general. 

1. The irons are so versatile - With 3 different styles and the ability to combine clubs to create a combo set, the Srixon iron is made for everyone! Iron play has always been the strongest and most comfortable part of my game, so I wanted something workable but manageable. I chose to go with the Z-FORGED and Z 785 combo set allowing me to work the ball with my PW-7, while giving me a break and a little more forgiveness on my 4-6. 

Srixon Z-FORGED (2)

2. The Drivers are LOOOONG - I formerly had a TaylorMade R1, the white driver with the orange stripe. I would crush it, but couldn't keep it straight and had too low of a ball flight for it to really be effective. Cory (my Srixon fitter) gave me a Z 785 with a more flexible shaft, which has helped me hit the ball further, straighter, and higher! I hit it at least 15 yards past my old R1 and hit the fairway on a much more consistent basis. 

Srixon Z 585 Driver (1)

3. Utility irons give you added flexibility - Easing off driver on shorter par 4's and unreachable par 5's is something i do often, which is why I like the Z U85 utility irons so much. They are easy to hit and a great addition to the bag, especially if you aren't a hybrid person (which I am not). They also come in handy on long par 3's and reachable par 5's with a bit more accuracy than a wood or hybrid. 


4. Nextgengolf offers great deals - It's pretty hard to beat the price for brand new, fitted premium golf clubs. Anyone who plays with the NCCGA, NHSGA, or City Tour is eligible for deals on all Srixon / Cleveland Golf equipment and apparel (clubs, gloves, hats, etc.). 

If interested in learning more about Srixon clubs or ordering some of your own, please email 

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