Everyone can use a little golf help

Best golf activities to do while social distancing

By Connor Brown

Being a golfer during these times is difficult. With many courses and states having restrictions in play, many golfers like myself are looking for answers as to what to do before we can get back to normal. Besides rewatching old PGA Tour tournaments and majors, here is a list of great games or things you can be doing to keep golf in mind.

Chippo golf

1) Indoor golf games: Golf games are great for many different reasons but now more than ever they can get everyone involved, regardless if you are a serious golfer or not. Games like PutterBall or Chippo are a great way to have fun and practice some chipping and putting. Chippo is a great game to set up in the garage, backyard or living room. With foam balls and the Chippo mats, there is little risk to your house. I have been having a blast playing PutterBall in my apartment and enjoying weekends playing all sorts of games. 

2) Golf Video Games: If you aren’t playing WarZone or other popular video games, why not dust off some old classics like Tiger 04 or Wii Golf? Family friendly, accessible and everyone can join in, it’s a win-win-win. I have been replaying a career mode on Tiger 10 and getting to see courses like Bethpage Black and other PGA Tour staples has been so refreshing. Interested in other golf video games? Check out the best golf video games.

Birdieball putting green3) Work on your chipping and short game: Not everyone has access to a space where it's possible, but I've found that a local field is perfect to just hit 20-30 yard chip shots with a wedge in the evenings. Bringing a few balls and your sand wedge is a good way to keep the groove of your wedge shot but offer a little “real golfing” to your routine. Make sure to check if you are able to safely hit golf balls first! 

4) Check out your local PGA Professionals website/social media: I have seen a lot of PGA Professionals and golf experts spending a lot of time focusing on building good physical habits and swing thoughts during this difficult time. I have been watching videos on Instagram from Trillium Rose and Preston Combs. Taking this time to learn or re-learn some basic fundamentals can pay dividends later on in the year. This is a great time to pre pay for lessons for later on in the year to help out your local PGA Pro and invest in your golf game for later. 

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5) Focus on your fitness: We all know the feeling when you need to decide to walk or ride 18. Although I love taking a cart, something about walking is just special as you come up 18. To get outside and take a break from being inside, take long walks and prepare to walk more rounds in 2020. Go for a jog, walk a few miles or some general stretching and exercise can keep you ready for hitting the links in the months to come. 

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