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10 Last Minute Golf Gifts for Your Golfer

By Travis Richardson

The holidays are quickly approaching, and now is the time when panic normally sets in: "I HAVEN'T BOUGHT ANY GIFTS YET!" We here at Nextgengolf are not here to scold, we're here to help (well, if you have a golfer on your list). We've put together 10 last minute golf gifts for the golfer on your list.

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1) Season Pass

Golf can be expensive. One of the best gifts you can get a golfer is a season pass at their local golf course, or even a new golf course they have been wanting to play more. Some courses may even offer a discount for 18-34 year olds, so we recommend checking out several courses in the area for the best deals. You might even find some courses offer half-year plans, or even punch cards that allow your golfer to play a certain number of times. Depending on how much they play, this might be a great option!

2) Golf Balls

What golfer couldn't use more golf balls?! I know I personally always seem to be out of golf balls, and need to replinish before my next round. Ask around to see which golf balls your golfer prefers, and then snag a couple dozen to keep their bag plenty stocked. If your golfer is a member of Nextgengolf and plays Srixon, those couple dozen will cost a little less with these available deals.

chefs_cut_jerky-528550-edited.jpg3) Chef's Cut Jerky

One of the most underrated (non-golf) parts of a round is the snacks. Even if you play a quick 3.5 hour round, you are bound to get hungry on the golf course. Your golfer can avoid the back nine hunger pangs with a box of Chef's Cut jerky to keep in their golf bag. The jerky flavors include Sriracha bacon, buffalo chicken, teriyaki turkey, and the always popular steak.

Don't take our word for it though, the bags of Chef's Cut jerky provided at NCCGA and City Tour tournaments are always mentioned in our post-tournament surveys as a major plus.

4) Lessons

While some golfers don't need lessons, many do and the holidays can be a great opportunity to get your golfer some instruction. Lessons with the head pro, or assistant pro, can be purchased from most golf courses, or you can find your nearest Golf Channel Academy and schedule time with one of their coaches. Even better, you can buy their gift cards online!

proquip black jacket.jpg5) Outerwear

Depending on the area of the country you live in, outerwear could be crucial. Keep your golfer warm, and dry, which will allow them to play more golf. We highly reccommend the outerwear available at ProQuip. They sell high-quality rain and wind apparel to survive the elements, as well as stylish vests for those days when it's just a little chilly.

Also, Nextgengolf members save 50% on ProQuip products using code "nextgengolf" at checkout.

6) Indoor Putting Green

birdieball putting green.jpgAn indoor putting green is perfect for a dorm room, apartment, office, or rec room. We have a small putting mat in the Nextgengolf office, and it gets plenty of use (especially during the cold Boston winter). There are several companies that produce indoor putting surfaces, but you should check out BirdieBall putting greens. They make putting greens in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it's made to roll like real grass.

7)Golf shoes

Golf shoes are something many golfers simply forget to replace, or choose to upgrade their clubs before their footwear. Do them a favor and order them a new pair. A golfer's footing is the foundation for a solid golf swing. There's a lot of different golf shoes out there, but we like New Balance. They provide golf shoes in a variety of styles, all of which are super comfortable and provide great footing on the course. Their golf shoes are also up to 50% off if your order a pair through Nextgengolf.

8) The essentials

Every golfer needs the essentials. I'm talking about tees, range finder, grips, and spikes. It might not be exciting, but your golfer will eventually appreciate opening a box of golf tees the next time they open their bag and need one. You can spice up the gift by ordering custom tees through CHAMP. Order with their name on the side, or maybe their company/school's name!

umass_lowell_custom_golf_bag_ogio.jpg9) Golf bag

Is your golfer using a beat-up, old, falling apart golf bag? If so, it's time to replace it. The golf bag is their toolbox, where all of their important tools go to stay safe and organized. Make the gift special with their name on the pocket, or take it a step further and get their school logo on the side and a pop of color. OGIO makes affordable golf bags with tons of customization options.

10) Golf Trip

Last but certainly not least, give your golfer a golf trip! It can be something simple nearby, or something extravagant to another country. It all depends on the budget, and what your golfer would appreciate. Planning a golf trip can be a headache, so be sure to check out our 4 tips for planning a golf trip article to learn helpful hints to make it easier. Or you can make it even easier on yourself and book them on one of the three golf trips we're offering this Spring to Myrtle Beach or Panama City Beach!

That's it! We hope you found at least one suggestion that would be of interest to your golfer, but we hope even more that you found many and you've started to plan ahead for their birthday and the next batch of holidays. Let us know if you need anymore suggestions for golf gifts, or tell us how the gift-giving went on Twitter @nextgolfer!


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