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Can Music Help You Win Your Next Golf Tournament?

By Colby Morris

Approaching the 18th tee box during your most recent golf tournament,and all you can think to yourself is to not shank this drive.  In the pressure situation of being tied with your opponent on the last hole, you can put a lot of stress on yourself and throw your mechanics off.  How can you relieve this stress you ask?  Playing music.

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While golf’s traditions call for being quiet a majority of the time, millennials are looking to change this trend by having music playing while competing.  A Golf Digest reader survey showed that 37% of golfers aged 18-34 listen to music through a portable speaker while playing. 

You might be thinking to yourself that music playing could be a distraction while you’re trying to focus in on your next shot.  Spin zone this thought to think that the tunes can help you get in the zone while getting ready to square up your shot.  People play golf to have fun!

music speaker in golf cart-464496-edited-261227-edited.jpegThe purpose of music is to act as a mood altering stimulant. It’s very important to have the right playlist playing while you’re getting ready to swing.  Upbeat songs are tracks you should stay away from, in my opinion, since they might affect your swing in a way that you rush your mechanics since you’re too hyped up.  

I believe that country and soft rock are the two best categories to listen to as they ease the nerves and can put you in that “feel good” state of mind.  So press play on your Bose Soundlike Mini, take a swig of your beer (or soda), and grip and rip that last tee shot to go win the tournament!

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