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5 Best Golf Photos and Accounts to Follow on Instagram

By Kris Hart

Photo Credit: Matt Hahn 
Many of us are visual learners and instagram has done an amazing job curating photography and videos into a highly engaging platform. I love going on instagram to see pictures of golf courses, their beauty and the landscapes that exist in the world around the game of golf. Since there is a lot of noise out there on instagram and many people have accounts where they share golf photogrpahy, I thought we would identify the 5 best golf photos and accounts on instagram. We will highlight the amazing individuals behind this work and where to follow them to see their work in action. Enjoy!
Channing Benjamin at TPC Danzante Bay Mexico Photo Credit: Channing Benjamin at TPC Danzante Bay
1. Channing Benjamin (@Channingbenjaminphotography)
If you want to see some of the best golf photography out there and check out some amazing courses, you need to follow Channing Benjamin on instagram. Channing does an amazing job capturing photos at some of the best golf resorts in the world including Pebble Beach where he is a licensed golf photographer. Beyong taking great photos and videos of golf courses, Channing does 3 days summits called "The Golfography Experience" which are trips and experiences for people who love golf and photography. The tagline for the events say it all "An extraordinary fusion of the game, the lifestyle and the visual art of golf." Learn more about Channing, his events and check out more of his work here
 Great golf photo at Kiawah by Matt Hahn
Photo Credit: Matt Hahn at Kiawah Resort
2. Matt Hahn (@matthahn17)
Matt does freelance photography work and took some amazing shots and photos in 2020 at places like Bandon Dunes, Pinehurst Resort and Kiawah. Matt's work is all about finding a different perspective on the course. The most recent work that we loved was some of his drone work at PGA Frisco, the video he created for the 2021 National Invitational for high school golf, and the shots he took during Zac Blair's 2020 Ringer golf tournament. Matt does photogrpahy, videos, and a lot of work with drones for aerial shots. Check out more of Matt's work and business here
 Cal Club by John CavalierPhoto Credit: Jon Cavalier at The Cal Club 
3. Jon Cavalier (@Linksgems)
Ever wonder what it is like to step foot on some of the best golf courses in the world? Well, John Cavalier, the guy behind the golf instagram account Linksgems has done a great job helping show people what it looks like behind the gates at some of the most exclusive golf courses. Many of the courses where Jon takes photographs are not seen on TV and do not host public events. John's work is primarily golf courses and clubhouses, but throws in an occasional dog picture on the golf course which I love. Linksgems has an annual golf course picture calendar that comes out which is pretty cool if you can snag a copy before they run out. Learn more about Jon and his work. 
Christian Hafer at Ballyneal
Photo Credit: Christian Hafer at Ballyneal
4. Christian Hafer (@hafe_life)
Christian brings photography to real life. I enjoy seeing a mix of his golf photos which are landscapes of courses, people on the course, PGA Tour stars, and most importantly his family enjoying the game. What makes Christian's instagram account include some of the best golf photos is that he has variety. You will even find some of his work in Golf Magazine and with where he captures amazing moments through golf. Christian has some awesome prints for sale on his website, does annual photography trips, and has a solid blog where he does some cool story telling through photography. Learn more about Christian 
Luke Leesburg Golf Photo-1
Photo Credit: Luke Leesburg
5. Luke Leesburg (@Lukeleesburg)
I'm not sure how I found Luke's account, but when you get into golf photography and start to look at a lot of golf pictures, instagram is pretty smart and sends along some good suggestions. Luke is a golf professional full time in Queenstown, NZ, but does some amazing golf photography in his spare time. Imagine if every golf professional in the US could take pictures of their courses and players on the course like Luke? I really like Luke's mix of both players on the course, scenic shots and golf landscapes. Since Luke is not a full time photographer, he does not have a website, but I think he does some awesome work and helps gives a perspective of golf photography outside the US from the lens of a golf professional. 
I hope you enjoyed this article highlighting the 5 best golf photos and accounts on instagram. If you are into golf photography and are buying prints from some of the great photographers above for your office or home, you may also like this article I wrote about where you can find the best golf art 

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