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Srixon ZX Irons: Why upgrading your irons will improve your game

By Connor Brown

All new for 2021, Srixon has recently launched the ZX line of irons. Having three distinct models, the ZX line offers something for everyone. If you are thinking about new irons for 2021, your search should start and stop at Srixon ZX irons. Every Srixon iron is #BuiltForDistance while offering so many options for customization and getting the right iron in your hand for your best game in 2021. 

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ZX Utility - The ZX Utility irons combine the forgiveness of a game improvement club but offer the set up of a smaller, more compact iron. For the player looking for added forgiveness in their long irons but still eyeing a more traditional set up and look, the ZX's are the best of both worlds in terms of performance and looks. Launching the ball high, adding forgiveness and workability in a long iron will get you scoring your best. 

ZX5 - The common misinformation in golf is that in order to play forged clubs you need to be winning club championships. For Srixon, the ZX5 iron offers the ability for those looking for premium feel to also have the forgiveness that will help score. Utilizing Srixon's new Main Frame technology which maximizes COR along the club face, the ZX5 makes the ball explode off the face. This is the perfect iron for those looking for a little bit more offset than a players club but has a player preferred top line at address. 

ZX7 - Speaking of forged clubs, the ZX7 is the gold standard in the industry for balancing feel and performance. The ZX7 is a true players club while offering a great amount of feel and forgiveness due to the implementation of tungsten weighting and progressive grooves to make sure every shot has true performance. Pairing a thinner top line with less distance heel to toe, the ZX7 is the best option for competitive players with amazing distance. 




Srixon offers world class options to their iron sets. Offering combo sets, hundreds of shaft, grip and custom set up options, the best value for any purchase is going with the new ZX irons. If you are thinking about new irons for this year, Srixon should be the first and last company you look at for irons. If you have specific questions, Srixon has the best customer service with answering questions, helping consumers and ensuring their customer service is top notch. 

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