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5 last minute golf gifts

By Kris Hart

Finding gifts for golfers is tough! My wife always tells me that I am impossible to shop for because I buy golf stuff on my own and she has trouble finding golf gifts which I do not already have. I guess when you work in the golf industry you get a lot of different golf gifts so it's hard to find items which are special. Given the holidays are coming up, we wanted to showcase some last minute golf gifts for the golfer in your life. We worked to provide some discounts to help you save a few dollars too. Below highlights 5 unique and last minute golf gifts that any golfer could use.

1)  Golf Art - Golfers love to admire and remember the best rounds of golf and experiences at special places. Lie and Loft is a company which does some amazing prints of great golf courses around the world as well are some neat, hand-made golf gifts. If you are looking for some golf art which is a little more realistic, there are a number of great golf photographers out there like Matt Hahn who sell photographs on their website. Every golfer can always use beautiful photographs and golf art.

Rapsodo email box

2) Launch Monitor - Until recently, buying a golfer a launch monitor from Trackman would cost you around $25,000 which is unrealistic to get this item as a gift. Last year, Rapsodo came out with a Mobile Launch Monitor which calculates accurate numbers for golfers to train and understand their swing as well as capture videos of their swing to analyze. If you are looking for a last minute golf gift, a launch monitor if probably a good bet since most golfers do not have this awesome technology in their bag yet. If you are part of the Nextgengolf community, you can get $100 off your MLM device too with the code: Nextgen.rapsodo20

On The Green Golf CBD

3) Golf CBD - CBD has been very popular in golf shops and for golfers of all ages in the past couple of years who are dealing with physical and mental pain on the golf course. There are many different types of CBD on the market which have different levels of cannabis in their product as well as many different ways to take CBD from drops, to gummies to creams. On The Green is a golf-specific CBD company which has built products specifically for golfers. If you are looking to order CBD last minute for the holidays, we were able to get a 20% discount code for On The Green products with code Nextgen20.

4) On-Course Speaker - Music on the golf course has started to get more and more acceptable. If you are looking for a last minute golf gift, getting a speaker to use on the course which is small, powerful and light is a great option. Here is an article that will help you find the best golf speakers too.

Chippo backyard golf game

5) Golf lawn games - Golfers love playing golf no matter who they are with or where they are. If there are no golf courses in the area, playing a golf lawn game like Chippo is a great way to keep your golfer engaged in the game while not on the course. It's always fun to have a club in your hand no matter if you are playing a chip and putt, mini golf course, or pong-type game in the backyard. 

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