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A list of every golf podcast

By Kris Hart


Photo Credit: Matt Adams Fairways of Life Golf Show

Are you a golf enthusiast looking for a good podcast? I was looking for a new golf podcast the other day and could not believe how many of them exist. Given Nextgengolf does not have a podcast, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight all the different golf podcasts so you can find a good one that is right for you. We break up podcasts into 6 categories including Professional Tours, Game Improvement, Junior Golf, Fantasy Golf, Entertainment and Golf Business. Podcasts are certainly growing in popularity given there are over 110 golf podcasts! If we are missing any, please let us know at ( so we can update the list. The names on this list are done alphabetically meaning they are not in a particular order or preference. Happy listening!

Professional Tours
Given the PGA Tour is the most popular topic in golf, it is no surprise that many of the podcasts that cover the tour have the largest followings. All of these podcasts primarily cover the PGA tour and have tour players as guests on the shows.

Game improvement - Golf Lessons, Equipment Fitness, and Mental Game

If you are someone looking to improve your game, there are 8 different podcasts that can help you become better as a golfer. Each podcast has a different spin on topics for game improvement. The guests on these shows range from PGA Professionals, mental coaches, trainers, and even yours truly doing an interview with Jeff on the 18Strong Podcast.

Kris on Golf Podcast

Junior Golf
The smallest category of podcasts that we could find is in junior golf. Podcasts in this area are focused on helping kids, coaches, and families get to the new level as a junior golfer. I’m guessing there will be some more junior golf podcasts starting in the future given there are so many good things going on in junior golf such as PGA Junior League, the AJGA, and the National High School Golf Association.

Fantasy and Golf Gambling
Considering I came in 364th place in a 364 person fantasy golf league last year, I could use the help playing fantasy golf. Here is a list of fantasy golf podcasts which share hot takes, fantasy advice, and advice on how to pick the best players for fantasy golf. These podcasts may become more relevant soon if golf betting is approved by the PGA Tour.

Entertainment – Anything goes
The largest category of golf podcasts is this group of 14 podcasts which have a mix of guests, topics, and information. Many of these podcasts have guests from all across the golf industry and discuss topics from the PGA Tour, the rules of golf, to fashion on the golf course. If you are looking for some random entertainment and discussions, this group of podcasts is best. These podcasts are more fun, less formal, and more entertaining

Golf Business

This category includes podcasts focused on the business of golf and brands in golf who have podcasts. Some of golf's governing bodies have podcasts and I am sure there will be more to come in the future.

Golf Architecture 

This one is pretty self explanatory, but discusses golf course design, architecture and the culture of golf with golf course architects.


For a complete list of the 110 podcasts available on golf, check out Apple Podcasts has a specific golf topic

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