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Bucky Willett: Life as a Srixon Brand Ambassador

By Bucky Willett

During this time of “social distancing” and “staying at home”, I thought I would reflect on my experience as a Srixon/Cleveland Golf Brand Ambassador thus far. Throughout this short time I have met several new people, learned all about two great companies, and I have made the switch to better.

Making the switch:

To start the program year off right, I knew I needed to make the switch to Srixon/Cleveland Golf products. I showed up to my club fitting not knowing how I would like the irons, as I have never played anything but the Srixon ball. I remember it took one swing and I was hooked. I know its cliché to speak positive about the brand you’re representing, but I mean it when I say these are the best feeling irons I have ever hit. I was so excited that I ordered my clubs that night, and I sold my old irons the next day. (Note: you may want to wait to sell your irons until your new irons have arrived).

Bucky Willett Srixon golf clubs

A couple days later my clubs arrived, and man did they look good. Fast forward to my first time playing with them and I felt like a whole new golfer. With switching to the Srixon irons and Cleveland wedges, I have gained some distance, gained more spin/control around the greens, and have added a boost of confidence going into this season.

Knowing the Business:

Knowing the business you’re working for is key to selling the product. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way. After getting my new gear, I couldn’t wait to get out to the course and promote the brand. I was so excited that I missed the key part of being an ambassador, and that is knowing your products. I knew everything there was about the Z star XV ball, Z785 irons and RTX4 wedges, but I had failed to study up on the other great products these two companies offer.

If there’s one piece of advice I could give future/current ambassadors, it would be to know everything you can about these two businesses. I promise you, it makes it way more enjoyable when you can help anyone and everyone on the course with their journey to better.

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Making new friends:

When people ask me what my favorite part of being a brand ambassador is, my answer is always the same, “I enjoy showing up to the course, meeting a stranger, and leaving as friends”. For me, the game of golf is more than the sport itself. I enjoy the competitiveness it offers, the friends you meet, and the memories you make.

Being a brand ambassador for Srixon and Cleveland Golf has given me the platform for this. Through this program, I have met several new friends both on and off the course, I have a new network with the guys over at Srixon, and have developed new relationships with other ambassadors through social media.

Being a brand ambassador has already changed my life in many ways and I look forward to the adventure ahead. The coolest thing is, we’re just getting started.

Stay safe and play golf!

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