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Luke Stull wins Rapsodo long drive contest

By Matthew Thompson

During these times when social distancing has become our normal, the Nextgengolf community hosted a virtual long drive contest using the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor. We had four Rapsodo Ambassadors take part in our challenge, Cody Phillips from Rhode Island, Jake Alexander from Cincinnati, Cam Bullman from Virginia, & Luke Stull from Michigan with a guest appearance from Rapsodo Staffer Jake Newman. Here are the contestants and their drives:

First up was Cody Phillps (above). Downhill par 4 which he absolutely piped down the middle. It was important to note here that the software normalizes the swing so it does not take into effect the downhill nature of the hole. 285 yards, respectable start from the Rhode Island native.

At number two we had Jake Alexander. This was filmed at his local range in Cincinnati where after a few practice swings, he made himself our new leader on the board at 294 yards. Absolutely crushed by the big lefty!

Jake Alexander Rapsodo long drive

Next we have Cameron Bullman, the youngster from Virginia. A quality collegiate club golfer as a part of the NCCGA, Cameron has been known for his quick and strong swing. Just barely missed beating out Jake for the top spot with a solid 291.

Cam Bullman Rapsodo long drive

Last but certainly not least, we have Luke Stull. Another NCCGA alumni, NCCGA National Champion and now Rapsodo Ambassador. Here he is on 18 of his home course and he was feeling good about his round and decided to break out the Rapsodo MLM. Good thing he did! Huge 310 slam down the fairway from Luke making him our winner of this year’s virtual Rapsodo Long Drive Contest!

Luke Stull Rapsodo long drive

You can check out the full long drive contest here. If interested in a Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor for yourself or your team, check out the great deals for City Tour and NCCGA players. 

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