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Hottest Club on the Market: Srixon Utility Iron

By Connor Brown

As a Srixon ambassador, I am always on the lookout to improve my journey to better with Srixon. I’ve been playing the ZStar XV ball since 2014 and when I had the opportunity to put a set of 765 irons in the bag last year, it helped my game tremendously. This year however, I was able to put the Z U65 Utility into my bag which I believe will be the next breakthrough in my game.

The Z U65 Utility is the number 1 utility iron on the PGA Tour, and after having it in my bag for a few months, I know exactly why tour pros are trusting it for their game. No matter if you are trying to reach par 5’s in two or controlling shots off the tee, this utility iron will help you achieve your goal of scoring better.




The Z U65 Utility is available in a 18, 20 or 23 iron loft which equates to a 2, 3 or 4 iron respectively. One of the key advancements in this model is the hollow construction which allows for weight to be placed lower in the club-head, promoting a higher initial launch. This helps golfers of all skill levels hit the ball squarely and with a good trajectory. Many golfers utilize the Miyazaki graphite shaft, but often times higher swing speed players will opt for a steel shaft to control launch angle.

Whether it is controlling shots off the tee, reaching par 5s in two or longer approach shots, the Z U65 is the right choice for many golfers looking to continue their journey to better. In case you weren’t sure on the right clubs for your game, check out what clubs probably shouldn’t make it into your bag this season with the. 

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