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Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday becomes Nextgengolf’s 2nd National Partner

By Kris Hart

As many of you have seen Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday joined Srixon / Cleveland Golf as the 2nd National Partner of Nextgengolf. The Nextgengolf staff and our players are very excited about the partnership and cannot thank the MBGH team for their commitment to the game. As part of the Nextgengolf community, what does this mean to you?

1. Sponsorship of Nextgengolf players and teams. Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday knows that golf is expensive, especially if you are competing at the highest level on the best golf courses. Nextgengolf will be able to keep the low costs for greens fees in events, especially for the National Championships due to Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday’s commitment to supporting NCCGA Club Golf Teams and City Tour teams

2. Improved on-site experience at the City Tour Championship and future Nextgengolf events held in Myrtle Beach. The MBGH staff is dedicated to showing our players an amazing experience while in Myrtle Beach. Whether helping secure the best golf courses for events, hosting kickoff parties, or arranging entertainment while in Myrtle Beach, the MBGH staff will help to provide a memorable experience. Although we won’t have the Largest 19th hole in the world at the City Tour Championship, I think you will be impressed with what Myrtle Beach has to offer.

3. Awesome contests and package offers throughout the year. If you are not a subscriber to the Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday emails, you need to get on their email list. Throughout the year, MBGH offers fantastic golf packages, runs amazing promotions to win trips to Myrtle Beach and even prizes such as $10,000 for creating a video on why #GolfIsGreat. Check out this contest and submit an entry by July 31st for your chance to win $10,000. Whether you are looking for a weekend buddies golf trip or week-long golf vacation with family, Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer. Nextgengolf members will receive exclusive promotions and offers as part of the partnership.

Enter the Myrtle Beach Golf is Great Contest

4. Spring Break 2018. Over the last 2 years the Spring Break Open has been a fantastic pre-season experience for players in the Nextgengolf community. Starting in 2018, with the help of Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday, the Spring Break Open is going to be bigger and better than ever before. You should expect to see new courses, more teams (varsity and non-varsity) as well as an improved experience. Our goal together is to help make Myrtle Beach the go-to spring break practice grounds for all of college golf.

If you do not know much about Myrtle Beach, you will soon learn why Myrtle Beach is the Golf Capital of the World. Between hosting the World Amateur with 3000 players to having 90+ courses to play, Myrtle Beach has something to offer every type of golfer. Please thank Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday for their support by given them a quick shout-out on social @MB_GolfHoliday.

Next stop, the City Tour Championship in September at True Blue and Caledonia, two of the top ranked courses in all of Myrtle Beach!

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