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6 of Our Favorite Golf Shirts

By Kris Hart

Over the last few years, we have seen some awesome golf t-shirts with unique messages that are funny, patriotic, or enlightening. We thought sharing a few of our favorite golf shirts would be something of interest to those of you looking to get some fresh golf swag before the 2017 golf season kicks off at the Sony Open.

Please note that we do not own any of the t-shirts presented below and cannot vouch for the quality of the t-shirt. The quality, costs, and styles of the shirts will vary.

Patriotic golf shirt.png1) Patriotic

$23.95 - Shirt Info

We found this T-shirt on the twitter handle of @TotalGolfMove, a comical twitter account with golf humor. This shirt is a simple design and screams USA. TGM has a bunch of funny golf shirts on their site which seem to be pretty high quality and are popular on college campuses. 


Do the Math nerdy golf shirt.png2) Nerdy Golf Shirt

$14.95 – Shirt Info

This is a pretty funny shirt for someone with a dry sense of geek humor like me. I think it might cause some confusion for any non-golfers, but this shirt could be a good conversation starter at the bar.


PGA Championship golf shirt3) Cheap Golf Shirts

$9.99 – Shirt info

We found this shirt on They have a bunch of cheap and discounted shirts like this which must be leftovers from a previous year. Not a bad deal to get a 2016 Balty t-shirt for only 10 bucks. 


No Laying Up shirt.png4) Professional Golfer Reference

$25 – NLU Store Info

Phil jumping is always a classic. We are rooting for Phil to win the US Open in 2017 so thought it would only be right to give him some love with the Professional player t-shirt. This shirt we found through @NoLayingUp. 


us open oakmont used golf shirt-753692-edited.jpg5) Old School Golf Events

$8 (starting bid) – Shirts on ebay

If you are into finding some good ole vintage clothing, check out ebay. There are a lot of old items like this 2007 Oakmont US Open t-shirt, but buyer beware, you need to be ok with wearing used clothing (we recommend washing before wearing).


I love my wife golf shirt6)Dad Joke

$14.99 – Shirt Info

This is one for all of you dads out there. Looks like you need to be married to be wearing this one. This is a simple design and would be a big hit down in the Florida golf retirement communities. There are a lot of funny golf shirts out there like this on Amazon and Etsy.


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