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Anderson Finds Trust in Srixon Golf Balls

By Connor Brown

Golf is about trust. Trust in your ability to make a shot, trusting your gut and ultimately, trusting the product in your hands can get the job done, time after time. One of the more overlooked parts of golf is the actual ball itself. Can a golf ball have such a drastic effect on your game? Of course it can!

The new Srixon Z-STAR XV has a dual core and an updated version of Srixon's Spin Skin cover. The balance of distance off the tee with feel around the greens is gaining traction with high speed players like Garrett Anderson, President of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln club golf team.

Anderson expects nothing less than perfection when he takes out one of his Srixon golf balls. Having a ball that performs in all parts of the game is important to Anderson. A ball that keeps up with his high swing speed but also has the feel around the greens and the putter to match is vital.

“I tried a lot of different golf balls and some felt ok but would get sticky after a while." Anderson said. "I like how the XV you can play 18 one day with the same ball and feel confident taking that same ball out the next day for another 18.”

Is the Srixon Z-STAR or Z-STAR XV better for your game?

Durability is always a common concern with any golf ball. With making it more durable, does it sacrifice feel? Does making it feel softer sacrifice the durability? You can see how this decision is not as simple as picking what is on the shelf and what tour players use.

“Find out what is right for you. Just because the tour players and the scratch golfers play a certain type of ball does not mean that it will be optimal for you.” Anderson said. “Talk to your local pro, fitting center or the NCCGA staff and see what may be right for you.”

After playing many, many NCCGA rounds with his Z-STAR XV, he knows he can trust the golf ball to handle any condition it throws at him.

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