Adapting to a new generation of golfers

How the Precision Pro has helped improve my golf experience

By Connor Brown

A laser rangefinder is a must have in everyone’s golf bag. Whether it is getting the exact distance to the pin, getting distances to fixed points on the course or knowing your yardages, the NX9 from Precision Pro outperforms each and every rangefinder I’ve had. Here are 3 reasons Precision Pro has improved my golf experience. 

1. Stability - The NX9 is a great tool for me because of my inherently shaky hands when I’m trying to use the laser. The reticle in which the NX9 has makes it very easy to line up the pin and get the distance despite being a bit shaky when using the laser. What I always found frustrating with other products was the inconsistency of not getting an accurate reading when using the laser. With the NX9, I have been able to take the worry of getting the correct distance out and focus on what matters most, hitting a good shot. 

2. Battery life - I’ve had a Precision Pro NX7 for almost two years now and have not once replaced the battery. It lasts forever! Another good thing is that the Precision Pro batteries are guaranteed for life, so if it dies they’ll send you a replacement free of charge. After you purchase the rangefinder, you’ll never have any residual costs for the rest of its lifespan!

precision pro

3. Club selection off the tee - I often use the Precision Pro when on the tee box to find out how far it is to a penalty area, the woods or the end of the fairway. I used to just trust that driver was the right club, but using the NX9 has made me play smarter and keep the ball in the best position for my approach. 

For all these reasons, I feel so much more comfortable on the course since getting the Precision Pro NX9. All Nextgengolf City Tour and NCCGA players can receive $50 off NX9 Slope, NX9, and NX2 Rangefinders. 

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