Adapting to a new generation of golfers

New Season, New Golf Shoes, New Balance

By Matt Weinberger

Each year, Nextgengolf sponsors provide more and more value to NCCGA and City Tour players.  Whether it is through onsite demos and product seeding, or offering some of the best products in the industry at member pricing, our sponsors continue to innovate and make a difference.

As the person at Nextgengolf who facilitates all team and individual sponsor sales with our members, I see trends each semester for which products 18-34 year olds are interested in most.  Srixon golf balls and Cleveland wedges continue to be in major demand, and saw another big increase this semester. But perhaps the most improved product was what New Balance released.

New Balance golf shoesIn February, New Balance Golf released a new line of 2016 golf shoes.  With the launch, the new Minimus (Spikeless) and 3001 (Spiked) shoes have been selling non-stop.  Over a hundred NCCGA players made the switch this semester and threw away their old golf shoes to rep one of the hottest new brands in the golf shoe space.   Since Nextgengolf members can save 50% on all shoes on website using the code “nextgen2016” it’s a no brainer to give these new shoes a try.

I personally wear the 3001 shoes and love the comfort and durability.  They react very similar to my existing Adidas shoes and are actually more comfortable than the FootJoy shoes that I wore in high school.   Discounts on Golf Equipment

If you were not at Glade Springs and didn’t have a chance to check out the new New Balance golf shoes in person, make sure you don't miss out. I've included a couple pictures of the shoes here, and for more details on colors and pricing, check out our discount golf shoes page in the Nextgengolf player shop.


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