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Why I Chose to be a Srixon Golf Ambassador

By Ryan Walker LinkedIn

Coming out of high school, I could guarantee I was a lot like many other junior golfers, an above average high school player who just did not have that edge to play at the Division 1 level. I still wanted to be competitive with golf though, as well as go to a large school.

Flash forward 2 years and I am a sophomore at Virginia Tech, NCCGA Regional Coordinator, Vice President of the Club Golf team, but more importantly a Srixon Golf Ambassador. Over this past winter, I paid Travis and the Nextgengolf team a visit at their office in Boston. After talking about the Colonial region and other logistical items for a while, they hit me with the idea that they were discussing having RC’s become ambassadors for Srixon Golf and Cleveland.

I jumped on this opportunity, mostly because I needed a new golf bag (mine was broken). I already had solid clubs and I was a little skeptical of what I was going to get as part of being an Ambassador. Ever since I joined club golf and became an RC as a freshman, I have been the biggest proponent of club golf. I love what NCCGA and Nextgengolf golf do as an organization for college students who can’t play college golf at the varsity level.

Upgrade Your Golf ClubsThe clubs came in and after I struck that first tight draw 6-iron, it gave me a similar feeling that I got when Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson at the 1-yard line to win the Super Bowl (editor's note: Ryan Walker is a Massachusetts native and Patriots fan). I knew that these clubs were for me.

One part of my game that I struggled with was my ability to hit a 3-wood or hybrid consistently. I got these clubs and I am now very confident standing on the tee that if I need to get in the fairway, this 3-wood will do that job without fail. These Srixon golf clubs paired with the Srixon ball, have made my switch to better a lot easier, and more importantly, fun.

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