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The Shot that Keeps Me Coming Back

By Nextgengolf

The shot that keeps you coming back.

I’m sure this has been written about plenty of times, and also said too many times on the golf course, but any golfer has had plenty of experiences with that one shot that keeps us coming back. That shot happened to me when I played my new Srixon golf clubs for the very first time.

The first 50-degree Wisconsin spring day was the first time I was able to get out to my local course to try out the new clubs I received as a Srixon Ambassador with Nextgengolf. I had to stare at them for a month in my house until the weather improved. The course still had snow in the bunkers, my brand new Srixon clubs and New Balance shoes were bound to get muddy, and I had to skip two classes but the golfing itch was too strong to resist.

This is only my third season golfing, so I still leave the course pleased with a bogey golf type of score. You can also put me in the category of a golfer that gets super excited for a round of golf, only to get disappointed and frustrated by my lackluster performance. Then the shot happens.

The shot that keeps me coming back is what drains my bank account every summer. Buying new clubs, balls, accessories, clothes, and rounds of golf. If you can relate at all to my level of skill on the course, it is all because of those one or two shots per round that get you just excited enough about your golf game to come back for another round.

My “shot that keeps me coming back” didn’t come until the very last hole during my first round this season. I teed up my Srixon Z-Star ball, and gave it a blast with my new Srixon Z-355 driver. On a side note, I am in love with this club because I can (and frequently do) miss and still hit it long. Which is exactly what I did on this hole, landing about 15 yards off the fairway in the rough. I had about 125 to the hole, and my pitching wedge was the only clean club left in my bag. I figured I would dirty the club up a bit, and I gave it a whack.

To my surprise, this is where the ball ended up (picture at top). The first tap in birdie of the season with a club I had never hit before. Thank you Srixon golf for providing me with the tools to have my “shot that keeps me coming back” moment.

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**Tom Nachtwey is a student at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh,NCCGA North Regional Coordinator and a Srixon Ambassador.

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