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Top 5 Golf Jerks (no, not those kind of jerks)

By Travis Richardson

Here at Nextgengolf we like to celebrate the best players in the NCCGA.  We also don’t mind celebrating the biggest jerks too. Ok, these players and course staff aren’t real jerks, but they sure loved the Chef’s Cut jerky they received this season.

Check out our 5 favorite “Jerks” of 2016.

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5) Eric Buse, Ohio Valley Coordinator

Eric is a member of the Ohio State club golf team and is the Ohio Valley Regional Coordinator. Here Eric shows off the promo box all course pros and F&B Directors at Nextgengolf tournament host sites received across the country in 2016.

Chefs Cut Jerky Eric Buse-150033-edited.png

4)Lakeview Golf Resort and Spa

Here's a course staff member at Lakeview Golf Resort, host of the Atlantic Region this fall. He just loves the jerky, and you might be seeing it in his shop soon!

Chefs Cut Jerky Head Pro-309478-edited.png

3) Oakcreek Country Club

The host site of the NCCGA Desert Region showing off why double the jerky is double the fun.

Chefs Cut Jerky Joe Knight-446018-edited.png

2) Nick Heyrman, Central Coordinator

NIck is the Central Region Coordinator, as well as an NCCGA Student Leader. Here Nick shows off the swag courses received after hosting a Fall regional tournament.

Chefs Cut Jerky Nick Heyrman-562509-edited.png

1) Austin Nelms, OU Club Golf

Caught in the act! Austen Nelms of the Oklahoma club golf team enjoyed showing off his Chef’s Cut jerky for the camera. It was a big hit during the rounds as players looked for a quick and easy snack on the #DriveForDisney.

Chef's Cut Jerky Oklahoma Club Golf-648348-edited.png

Big shout out to Chef’s Cut jerky in 2016 for supplying every player at every tournament a package of their best flavors. We want to know, what was your favorite flavor? Here's our rankings. If you'd like to order more Chef's Cut jerky for the team, or just for yourself, check out our player shop for a discount code you can use online.

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