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10 Best No Laying Up Golf Tweets

By Erik Laaksonen LinkedIn

If you're a golfer on Twitter, there's a good chance you've heard of No Laying Up. The Twitter account has the attention of PGA Tour superstars, and has expanded to a blog and podcast. If you aren't following the account, or are just in the mood for some laughs, here's a look at the 10 best No Laying Up tweets so far in the last 6 months (and a bonus from 2016).

1) Bubba

2) Yards to the Unknown

3) Playoff on 16

4) Golf Gifts

5) Driver off the Deck

6) Early Start

7) Ryder Cup

8) Bill Nye

9) Grand Slam

10) Awkward

Bonus) #TourSauce

If you're looking for more golf Twitter accounts to follow, check out my ranking of the Top 10 Twitter Accounts Every Golfer Should Follow. Did I miss any? Tweet at us @nextgolfer with your recommendations!

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